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How Bharat UPI Works

The fastest and easiest way to collect payments online. Use it the way you want!

First of its kind Payment Toolkit for India

E-Commerce Companies love Bharat UPI

We have made it easier for your to receive payments to your bank account instantly so that you have a better cashflow & can focus on growing your business.

A complete Multi-Channel Payment Gateway for India - Online Store, Email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Website & more.

Live Statistics of UPI usage

More than 50% of Digital transactions in India are done via UPI, switch to Bharat UPI today!


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Why customers loves us?

With Bharat UPI, anyone from India having an UPI ID can start to accept payments & sell products online

Who is this for
-For Startups
-E-commerce Stores
-Working Professionals
-Anyone who wants to accept Payments online

Commonly Used UPI Apps For Payments

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  • Client 2 2
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  • Client 4 4
  • Client 5 5

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